Bleaching and Korean ryouri

One day left of classes til spring break, I´d like to think that it´s getting warmer by the day, but the weather here has a tendency to come and go so what do I know.

Regarding next week, I spoke to the people at Watanabe today, and I booked in an appointment for bleach and cut on wednesday morning. I´m really looking forward to it. Then I´ll have to go shopping in Harajuku afterwards, since I desperately need a few items such as a bag, a jacket and some pants.

Yesterday was spent in 高円寺、a smaller city 10 minutes west from Shinjuku. Where we(two friends from school), went direcly after class, it was really fun and the night was spent at a Korean restaurant there, cheap alcohol and the food was great, I ate the Crab Salad~

The turtles are adorable as always, so are the cherry trees~

Ja ne~


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