I noticed something pretty great this morning as I were walking to the train station. There´s this park right next to the temple that lies just across the street from my guest house, and in that park there´s a small dam, and in that dam, there´s a bunch of totally adorable turtles, now how cute isn´t that?

Less than 2 weeks until the next part of the student loans is due, and I´m doing my best to sort of the budget till then, here´s a non negotiable to do list that I´ll scratch off as soon as we´ve passed the 19th though:

*Cut my hair
*Dye it blondeish/brunette
*Buying a new bag
*Along with some three quarter pants
*And possibly a spring jacket

My psychology report is still due, but it´s at least moving forward, hopefully I´ll have it done within the next few days. And apart from that we´ll have the grammar test, conversation test, essay test, kanji tests along with the chapter tests until the start of spring break at the end of next week.

I´ve almost watched all the episodes of 1 ritoru no namida, 1 litre of tears. Which is a really tragic and sad japanese drama, that I really do recommend. The movie is great as well, and I actually prefer it over the series, but they´re both great and they´ll definitely make you cry.



4 thoughts on “Turtles!

  1. Hello Simon!!! I hope you’re having a great time in ancient Japan! I hope we can meet before we graduate from IBM! Ha det bra!

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