People are stupid.

Hellou, 5 am and I feel like sharing.

First of all, one of the reasons for why I hate Sweden the way I do is because it doesn´t accept diversity, anything that sticks out has to be questioned. But the questions themselves aren´t enough, the rest of the night will be spent “making up” for the stupid things that were said in the first place.

I´ve lived my entire life being questioned for sticking out, for reasons you´ll never know. The most common question being, “Are you gay?”, the question itself is something that I can handle, I´ve heard it all my life so what the hell, but no matter how many times I say no, people always has to stick to some kind of guilt, so they keep bringing it up no matter what I say. I´ve ended more than enough of potential friendships due to such stupid actions. Where people has to assure you that they´re sorry for asking, even though no matter what the answer were it´d be okay. Probably not in their eyes, else they wouldn´t have asked in the first place.

You might wonder why I focus on Sweden but the truth is that ever since coming to Japan, the only ones who has acted that way were Swedish, and tonight were no different. And I have more than enough experience of it from back in Sweden as well.

Apart from all of that, the night was actually really good, spent the night there with a woman who Ive met several times. So even though it could have been better, it wasnt all bad.


3 thoughts on “People are stupid.

  1. I hope you’re ok.. I also get bloody tired of Swedish people sometimes! Always believing it’s their way or the high way. Maybe people from other places are like that too but maybe just because the people that are, or should be, the closest to us are Swedish it feels a bit harder when they say stupid things?

  2. Try not to let it bother you. As long as you are happy that’s all that matters in the end and people can ask and wonder what ever they feel like. Just remember that sometimes people say things and they only mean good even though it might not come across as that.

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