Small tidbits~

This week has been fairly fast paced as usual, yet it doesn´t feel like I´ve completed even nearly as much as I´d like, the Japanese studies are perfectly fine, but I´m not sure if I´m falling behind or not on the psychology, I´ve at least decided on which experiment to replicate, so now I just have to read up on it and then actually go through with it, and then there´s of course the report itself:S

Regarding spring break, which hopefully will be dedicated to volunteer work. I´ve sent an email to the organization Hands, and I´m still waiting for a reply, hopefully I´ll get some good new within the next few days.

The 21st of February held the annual speech contest that is arranged by ISI, it wasn´t that bad, unfortunately I´m still not able to understand as much as I´d like, so I were only able to understand small tidbits. But the performances were adorable, especially by the younger kids. there was an adorable young girl that played the piano and she held a speech that I wished I could have understood, since she actually seemed to speak from her heart.

These photos are from Ikebukero, which is where the speech contest was held. I actually really loved that city, it has a lot of things to offer, while being a lot calmer than other parts of Tokyo such as Shibuya/Harajuku-

I can listen to practically anything as long as it´s on Japanese when it comes to music, but Visual Kei will always lie closest to my heart, even though I tend to go periods without listening to it~

My favorite bands with the trend: Versailles, Kaya, Gacharic Spin & Dazzle Vision~


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