What´s next?

And I just idolize the way that you carry yourself~

Japanese music is the kind that I truly love, and I stick almost exclusively to it. But Katy McAllister is one of the few exceptions. She´s not really that well known though, which really is a pity.

Your heart is the sun, and the leaves are your soul.
Blowing, blowing through clouds,
Which are really just your dreams at night~

Life in Japan

I´m currently looking through the options for after ISI, the next step is to see which University courses from Sweden that are valid down here, since I technically have half a bachelors degree in the Swedish system that is currently “In Progress”.

It´s really hard to pick a major, the credits that I do have so far are spread out in everything from Business to literature, with Language & Religion inbetween.

I´d probably love to study something such as sociology in Japan, but I´m not even sure about the Japan part, I mean. if it was as simple as Japan or Sweden then I´d pick Japan in a heartbeat, but it´s more of a financial question. That´s the best part with Sweden, free university education.

Taken at Baba Station, 4 minutes from school on my way home.


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