I were looking through the gallery of my cell phone as I came across some photos that were taken for quite a while ago, in Akihabara, so I figured that I could might as well share them now, they´re on the subject of dolls, and quite frankly, they´re pretty neat due to the fact that you´ll customize them yourself down to every teeny little detail.

I could defintely picture myself with one of those one day, just for funsys, so I guess that´s +1 to the list with a million other things that I want but probably never will get:)


The really adorable ones had the No photography stickers, which is perfectly reasonable, but thankfully we were at least allowed to photo some of them.


This weekend has been dedicated to studying, mostly by catching up on the psych class. Which I´m sort of happy about, I´m kinda proud of myself for not going out this weekend, 5 weeks till the student loans and until then I´ll just have to live as I´ve always have, as a student:)



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