Sunny days

Ohayoo minna!

Spring is not really here but at least we´re getting there, today was pretty beautiful and warm, which is something that I love and I can´t wait to get more of it.

Tomorrow is friday, which means new episodes of The Secret Circle & The Vampire Diaries, last weeks episodes of both of the series was some of the best I´ve ever seen, I loved them so if you haven´t already, みて下さい。

Friday means our first real test, which was supposed to be on this weeks tuesday but it was unfortunately pushed up for nogoodreason:S

Apart from all of that, I got my psych text books yesterday, and if I were to discribe them with one word then that word would have to be huge, but oh well. Guess I have some catching up to do due to the fact that the course actually started for 2 weeks ago.



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