Another week gone by

Konbanwa, 3 am and I´m up doing practically nothing, in no mood for bed due to the fact that I slept away the entire day due to a late saturday night out. Currently listening to BoA so I guess that I´ll just scribble down some thoughts from the week and then take it from there.

I have a hard time remembering what I did during the week itself though so I´ll just focus on the weekend, which was spent partly here in Warabi with friends and then Shibuya during saturday night/sunday morning at a club named Visual.

Visual was a bit odd, maybe not in general but for my taste at least, it´s more of a hip hop club, the rapping kind. But I basically spent the entire night in the silent room far away from the music talking to this really adorable and interesting person who shared my dislike of the music, so it turned out perfectly fine:)

Tomorrow equals a school night. Which I´m kinda happy about, and Monday/Tuesday means Kobayashi Sensei, which I´m even happier about. All of our teachers and really fantastic and unique, but I do like her the most.

And Tuesday equals our first real test, which I´m not really worried about even the least. And next Tuesday means Valentines Day:o, and I do wonder how that will turn out?:)

Love, Simon~


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