I´m here to stay~

The 22nd spells the 11th day in Japan, all of whom have been great to say the least, each with their separate memories. 11 days where I´ve done everything from strolling around in Harajuku to being on Japanese tv to meeting a great bunch of people to Tokyo´s nightlife, with it´s fair share of studying each and every day.

I listened to this single in Tower Records yesterday, a 7 floor store  in Shibuya that sells just that, records,(Well, Mostly at least). I wish that I had a budget for some reckless records shopping, but due to the fact that I don´t even have a cd player yet then I guess that it´s best to neglect those needs until I get a part time job~

And then there´s the school, and I´d have to say that I love it, it has a high schooly kind of feel to it, with really kind teachers and some pretty fantastic people in the class as well:)

The place that I´m living at is basically a dormitory named the J&F House in Warabi, half an hour from school. What I love is that there´s really all sorts of people here, and they´re all very kind. And there seems to be a lot of wholehearted traditions here that makes it feel more like a home. This picture is from a few nights ago when we all made dinner together~

I ate Japanese sushi for the first time today with a few people from J&F, I already loved it back in Sweden so there´s no surprise there. But it´s still so much more fancy here. An avocado salmon mayonese thing was pure heaven, and half of the dishes that I ate were exactly those.

I´ll try to get some pictures til next time, especially of the adorable little temple 100 meters from the house with the cute little park with the lovely little stream~


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