No, it´s not just a phase~

Domo miina~

There´s 14 400 minutes, aka 240 hours, aka 10 days until I leave for Japan, which quite frankly isn´t a lot of time, but yet it still feels like a lifetime.

What´s left is basically to pick the goodies from the wardrobe, unfortunately, the bag is practically already full even though I haven´t even started with the clothes yet. However, the less I bring, the more I´ll have to shop when I´m actually there so it´s not all bad~

Where´s my puppet master?

By Glenofobia @ DeviantArt

By Glenofobia @ DeviantART

The evening will be spent cozed up in front of The Hunters, No idea if it´s good or not but Dianna Agron is in it and she´s one of my favorite actresses.

Take care and all the best for new years eve.
Love, シーモン。


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