The world isn´t that big, honestly.

I´m actually pretty satisfied with myself today, today was basically a nihon prep day, where I crossed off most of the things on my pre-japan-to-do-list.

Something pretty funny actually happened as well, I was at the bank(That´s not the funny part), and it turned out that the (cute) girl sitting across from me had actually studied at ISI Tokyo, which is the same school that I´m going to, and apparently she´s going to study at Waseda uni in baba, so hopefully I´ll run into her again sometime in Japan:)

I´ll miss Madde though, my hair stylist at Color:S Had my last appointment with her today. Colored and cut, Back to black with a small patch of red in it as well, and bangs:o. What´s funny is that Madde has basically been there for the whole process, I remember my first appointment with her when I spoke of hopefully one day studying in Japan. Til another one when I told her I´d made the application, Til the next where I actually got accepted, and then today, where it´s just 13 days away~

I also picked out my outfit that I´ll wear on the first day of school, (I´ll also introduce it at pluto this Wednesday but that´s irrelevant:S), Any who, Tight black pants, a white longed sleeved woolen shirt and a black vest on top of it:)

12 days til Japan!



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