My Plans so far~




Yesterday I found myself reading a tutorial on “How to use trains”…. That certainly makes me feel real smart.. But in my defense, it was actually a guide on how to use trains in Japan, and quite frankly, I´m going to be so clueless when I´m actually there.

I have this small to do list, of what I´m going to do when I´m actually there, some  of the ideas are of course more profound than others, but they´re all important.

To do list

  • The first word I´ll say: Tadaima
  • Climb Fuji-san
  • Visit Osaka
  • Okinawa summer vacation
  • Visit Nara
  • Relax at a hot springs resort
  • See as many Visual kei bands as I possibly can live
  • Learn to make Sushi
  • A day in the imperial Park
  • Buy a beautiful Kimono
  • Extend my studies for another year

And of course so many other things, such as karaoke:O

Mt Fuji is unbelievably beautiful, and it can actually be seen all the way from Tokyo on a clear day. I´d love to end up living in an apartment with the view of Fujisan. But that´s just wishful thinking… for now at least:)



4 thoughts on “My Plans so far~

  1. Learn how to make sushi and eat a lot of it 🙂 you should go to a real sushi bar/ restaurant with the moving “serving table”(like the one in johnny English). Actually quite fun:)

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