Streets of Tokyo

Konbanwa.. it´s 2 am and I´m awake as usual for no good reason.

I just found myself “window shopping” on for about an hour or so just to come to the realization that there´s no way that I can afford my shopping cart in the first place. I´d trade higher student loans for a more shopping friendly budget any day! *frowns*

Anywho. I figured that now would be a good time to share my favorite blog, especially considering the fact that I spent the other part of this evening(and so many others:o) consumed by it.

And as you probably could guess by now, it´s a Japanese fashion blog that focuses on the streets of Tokyo, and presents it through still images, so not words, Which is a perfect concept since a picture sparks a thousand thoughts:)

Oh and by the way, 39 days until I arrive in Japan!:D

Ja mata!


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